Welcome to the Tribe anarchy minecraft server, we were established in March 2020. Tribe promises its players vanilla survival gameplay with PvP, a never ending world and no rules except for any server crashing hacks. The world is 125 GB with over 516 player accounts saved.


  • Infinite map size
  • No gameplay rules
  • No admin interference
  • No map resets, our map is persistent

Help us grow

Word of mouth is the best way to bring players to the server. So if you have a few friends be sure to tell them about tribe.gs and its vast world. You can also help by voting and advertising on certain forums and sites, be sure to vote using the below links:

Report Server Bugs

Reporting bugs you see on the server can help us improve your gameplay experience. You can report any type of bugs you see not limited to major TPS drops, server lag, random disconnects, server crashes while playing etc.

Please use the below link to report any server bugs.

Report Bugs